Perfect for first time brewers, this kit includes everything you’ll need to create your first batch of craft beer at home.


  • The Catalyst Fermentation System Learn more
  • Capping Kit (Capper, 100 Caps)
  • Thermometer
  • Sanitizer Packet
  • Guide to Brewing and Fermenting
  • 5 Gallon recipe kit of your choice (Specialty Grains, Grain Bag, Dry Malt Extract, Hops and Yeast)*
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Draft Brewer® Flex Keg System
Draft Brewer® Flex Keg System

Introducing Draft Brewer®, the first complete taproom in a box. Quick setup, minimal maintenance, and more time than ever to enjoy your home brew beer.

The Draft Brewer® Flex System is ready out-of-the-box to get your taproom up and running. Start serving and sharing two brews within just days of receiving your new system. Compact yet easily expandable, the Draft Brewer® Flex System is the perfect place to start any kegerator, fridge, or keezer build.

Don’t just share your homebrew, share a lineup of it! Keep variety on tap with the dual-keg Draft Brewer® Flex System. Keep the flow of beer constant and the serving pressure perfect with maximum flexibility.

Includes everything except a CO2 tank to share and enjoy draft homebrew.

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The First Time Homebrewer Gift Package is the perfect gift for the craft beer lover who is new to home brewing. With all the equipment and ingredients needed to brew and bottle your first batch of beer

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HomeBrewing Starter Set
HomeBrewing Starter Set


  • The Northern Brewer Brew. Share. Enjoy Homebrew Starter Kit is perfect for beginners, complete with foolproof instructions.
  • This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to start brewing today including a Brew Kettle and our Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit.
  • Designed by our brewmasters to provide the best out of the box first-time homebrew experience on the market.
  • Yields 5 gallons of finished beer.
  • Kit Includes: Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit, 6.5 gallon fermentor w/ lid & Bubbler airlock, Bottling Bucket w/Spigot assembly, Fermenter’s Favorites Bottle filler, 5 Gallon Stainless Brew Kettle, 21” Stainless Spoon Auto Siphon, 5 ft. Siphon Tubing & Siphon Tube Holder, Cleaner/Sanitizer – Fermenter’s Favorites Oxygen Wash, Bottle Brush, Royal Crown Bottle Capper & Caps (60ct.)


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Give the hop lover in your life the gift that keeps on giving. This home brewing gift package includes our popular and patriotic American Pale Ale beer brewing kit, an Oak Aged IPA recipe kit and one signature Craft a Brew craft beer glass.

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How to BREW
How to BREW

How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time (Fourth Edition) By John Palmer Fully revised and updated, How to Brew is the definitive guide to making quality beers at home. Whether you want simple, … Read More

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Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Craft Making Kit
Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Craft Making Kit


  • Millions of brewers have started with Mr. Beer. We offer the best out-of-the-box experience for the first-time brewer with simple step-by-step instructions and easy to use brewing equipment and ingredients. This kit includes everything you need, including bottles, to get started
  • Mr. Beer is the only home brewing company that is owned by a Brewery. Coopers Brewery is Australia’s largest craft Brewery and every Mr. Beer refill is designed and tested by coopers Master brewers
  • Brewing with Mr. Beer’s hopped Malt extracts are perfect for any brewer. Whether it’s your first time brewing or you’re a seasoned brew veteran, this kit cuts down on time, reduces risk of contamination and helps create a more consistent beer every time
  • Mr. Beer’s 2-gallon fermenter is uniquely designed to help simplify your brewing process. With a wide opening for easy cleaning, built in air lock, trub collector and spigot this fermenter reduces the equipment you need and helps save time in the brewing and bottling processes
  • The Mr. Beer gold Edition kit is the perfect starting point for brewing your first batch and includes a second bonus beer refill so you can brew two batches of different beers instead of just one
  • Your gold kit will include 2 of the following refills- Mr. Beer’s classic American light, Oktoberfest lager, Aztec Cerveza, Canadian Blonde, CZECH pilsner or Bavarian Wheat beer


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This beer brewing kit showcases a single hop variety of your choice. Every hop variety is unique, this can include flavors described as piney, earthy, tropical fruit, lemon, dank, white wine, lime, spicy, grapefruit, herbal… the list goes on!

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The Grainfather All-in-One Brewer & Distiller
The Grainfather All-in-One Brewer & Distiller
The Grainfather is your all in one brewing system to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both new and experienced all grain brewers. Into distilling? Simply attach the Alembic Pot Still Attachments, and you can distill from grain too.
The Grainfather features:
  • 304 grade stainless steel superior body, with 8 US Gal (30 L) capacity
  • Expandable grain basket to suit grain bills up to 9kg
  • A robust magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM) and wort re-circulation pipe with insulated handle, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the mash and maximizing efficiency.
  • Pump filter to keep hops and stray grain in the boiler, and your wort clear and bright
  • Counter Flow Wort Chiller with copper inner coil, cooling your wort to <68°F within 20mins
  • Toughened plastic control box and display screen, giving you total tempetature and pump control. Dial in the exact temperature for your mash, allowing both step mashing and single temperature mashing with very fast ramp up between steps
  • Dual heating element (1600 watt and 600 watt elements) allowing you to switch between heating quickly to a vigorous boil and maintaining a stable temperature
  • Tempered glass lid for maximum durability, heating efficiencies and visibility during your brewday
  • Top and bottom mesh screens for your grain basket, allowing even distribution of your sparge water and ensuring no grain enters the boiler
  • Clips to easily convert your Grainfather into a home distillery with the Alembic Pot Still Setup
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